Join us for our next meeting on Tuesday April 28th, 6:30 – 9:00pm at Sullivan High School – 6631 N. Bosworth. Parking details to be confirmed. (Make a note in your calendar that we will not be meeting at our usual location at Loyola University).

We are thrilled that we will be devoting our April meeting to focus on and learn about Sullivan High School. Without question, the key to having a thriving community is having a stable and successful series of schools – in particular, a high school.

Rogers Park's local high school, Roger C. Sullivan High School, has a grand tradition – many of our colleagues and some of our members (yes, Carla is one!) are proud graduates.

In recent years, Sullivan has had its challenges – dropping enrollment, sinking test scores and graduation rates. How great that new leadership has resulted in stirring and exciting changes. A key component to the turn-around has been the effort that Sullivan has made to reach out to local community groups such as ours.

Sullivan's dynamic young principal, Chad Adams, and his staff have invited us to host this meeting, offer us tours of the school, and, most important, are presenting us an opportunity to help with their special education program. They have asked us to help build out a class room for their "low incidence" kids – to turn an ordinary class room into a functioning kitchen, laundry, and bedroom to help these kids, many of whom are autistic, with real life skills. We think this is a great opportunity to help Sullivan and the kids of our community, and to set an example for what local real estate groups can and will do to give back to our communities. It will be an action packed meeting with lots to discuss. And be ready: one of the kids may put on a jaw dropping musical performance!

Those who attended a meeting last month to discuss this are excited about this giving opportunity. Please attend this meeting and learn why.

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