RPBG October Meeting: Landlording 201: Beyond the Basics!

(Note: With John Brauc being out of the country on 10/23, and Marty unavailable, John Brauc reached deep into his bullpen to find someone (me) to lead next Tuesday's RPBG meeting.)

Dear RPBG members and guests:

Nearly all colleges offer their Freshmen "101" courses that overview a particular subject area. How many of us took classes entitled "Economics 101; Psych 101?"

I did, and as a result I know something about the theory of 'supply and demand,' and that one can alter a dog's behavior by feeding him. (If you doubt the latter, try checking out the frenzy prior to our RPBG meetings on the 4th Tuesday of each month.)

Of course, nearly all owners and property managers attending meetings of the Rogers Park Builders Group already understand the basics of being a landlord. Yet, aware of challenges of making our properties profitable, Builders Group members and guests welcome a chance to probe deeper into day to day issues that we all face.

Thus, we will call our October 23rd meeting: "Landlording 201. Beyond the Basics."
There is such a huge variety of contractors and tradespeople whom we rely on to profitably operate our buildings. We have chosen five areas of concentration for this month's meeting – areas that we often don't explore during our regular monthly meetings – and you will have a chance to attend 20 minute break out session for three of them. You will choose which of the three sessions you would like to attend.

Dorian Bezanis, Property Claims Consultant, Risk Worldwide
What is a public adjuster, and what kinds of losses besides the obvious fire loss justify retaining their services? Do we look for a public adjuster who will also complete the repair, or should we simply focus on having him negotiate an insurance recovery on our behalf?

Margie Burba, For Rent Media Solutions
How has technology impacted our leasing efforts? How do we use the Internet and the evolving field of social media to draw quality tenants? Each generation is unique and that goes for its search habits as well. It's a situation where one size might not fit all. Multiple generations call for multiple solutions.

Faith Conti, Appfolio Software
What changes are happening in the computer software industry as it relates to property management? What alternatives do we presently have for collecting and depositing rent checks? What else can property management software do to help us own and manage our properties, and what is the cost effectiveness of using technologically more advanced software even if we manage fewer units? What is "cloud technology" and does it improve our ability to back up data?

Andrew Newman, LaundryLand Route
How do we deal with (or get out of) long term leases offered by laundry companies? What type of revenue arrangements ought one expect? Does it make sense to insist that we use higher efficiency machines? What percentage of our laundry income typically goes towards utilities?

Scott Post, Chicago Disposal
How do we negotiate the best trash disposal contract? To what extent ought we incorporate recycling programs? What are these additional fees, including newly implemented City taxes and energy surcharges that we now pay? What kinds of changes are happening in the disposal industry and how do we, as landlords, best protect ourselves?

Tuesday, October 23rd

Devon Bank
Lower Level
6445 N. Devon

Doors open at 6:30PM; we will begin our program at around 7:00PM. (Front door to the bank might be locked after 7:00PM).

Thanks toChicago Disposal, Kiser Group andAllen Smith for hosting our dinner.
This will be our last Open Meeting of the year.

Please feel free to bring guests.Most important, heed the most important lesson taught in Landlording 101: TO RSVP TO ALL RPBG MEETINGS BY CALLING MARY JANE SACKS 773 743-7433 (tjsacks@aol.com)

– Mike Glasser