Meeting will be held at Loyola University Chicago's Information Commons from 6:30-8:30 PM.

Join us as Mary Parthe and Mark Lavender from Tawani Enterprises will talk about there Sheridan Road project and two other developments in Rogers Park.

Tawani Enterprises and a private equity and real estate focused organization. Tawani has a substantial percentage of its real estate and operating business portfolio invested in the Rogers Park area. Mary and the Tawani Team oversee the various operating businesses as well as the real estate and investment portfolios. Mary is grateful for the amazing opportunity offered to her through Tawani Enterprises and looks forward each day to carrying out Col Pritzker's positive vision.

…Also presenting at the meeting will be Robert Evans from Healthcare Solutions, 15-20 minute presentation to help understand more about Healthcare Reform and what has taken place already and what is to come in 2014. The idea will be to help business owners understand how reform can help them manage costs and attract and retain quality employees. In addition some members may have old plans that need to be upgraded and I can help them understand what new benefits are available while saving them money each month.

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