On behalf of NBOA (Neighborhood Building Owners Alliance) and EUBA we are requesting your immediate attention to a critical ordinance that is being introduced into City Hall next week. As we are all aware, Bed Bugs have become a serious nuisance to our community and have impacted many property owners and residents. As a result, Alderman Harry Osterman has drafted and proposed a Bed Bug Ordinance. Representatives of NBOA, EUBA and other like minded organizations have had a chance to review the proposed ordinance and meet with Alderman Osterman to discuss. There are many components of the ordinance in which we support, but also have many concerns which need to be addressed.

We have attached the proposed ordinance for your review and our comments. We are asking your support to join us at City Hall on Jan 29th, 2013 to show your concern and to help achieve a fair and equitable proposal that address the needs for both residents and landlords. There is no question that the issue of Bed Bugs needs to be addressed to help eradicate the issue, we want to make sure our voice is heard.

Draft Version of the Ordinance

Please Note – While we have met with Alderman Osterman and he was receptive to our concerns we need your support. We have suggested many changes to this draft which we discussed at a previous EUBA meeting, but we absolutely need your support and to attend. Please don't respond to this notice with questions as we can't guarantee a timely response.

We appreciate your urgent attention to this matter. Please send an email to info@sriapartments.com if you plan to attend. Please do not send specific questions at this time as we most likely do not have an answer.