Kiser Group’s Rashad Siam has officially launched his advisory business with Kiser Group. Siam has been with the firm as an Associate since December 2021, and was promoted to the Advisor role earlier this month. 

Rashad’s advisory business plan includes a focus on buildings greater than five units in Chicago’s south and west side markets- namely Bronzeville, Kenwood, Englewood, and Washington Park. 

His main responsibilities within his previous Associate role include underwriting properties, and conducting market research to execute sale analyses. Throughout 2022, Rashad has underwritten $231.2 million over 1,000 units- $190.2 million of which went to market. 

Rashad looks forward to the increased focus on analysis and research as an Advisor. “Over the last few years, I’ve had a chance to assess how the top real estate firms dissect large amounts of information and use it to create a picture for its stakeholders. As an Advisor, I look forward to working with the professionals at Kiser Group to implement this process for our clients and the greater community at large,” said Siam. 

As an analyst, Rashad has gained valuable experience assessing different multifamily markets and communities to maximize value for clients. He looks forward to applying these valuable lessons and skills in the Advisor role. “The only way anyone can become an expert in any area is to ask questions until things become second nature to them, and even then, the learning never stops,” said Rashad. 

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