Basketball Player to Multifamily Advisor

Basketball is a game of systems, fundamentals, specialization, and episodic memory. I started playing the sport because it gave me a chance to make friends in the neighborhood, and I fell in love with it because, depending on the opponent, my skill level, and teammates, it presented a different challenge every time. It is a game that provides you an almost endless journey of education on and off the court. There are certain fundamentals and constant evaluations that need to occur to have a chance at success, and investing in real estate or building a career in real estate is no different. 



Systems are necessary on the court and in real estate. Systems result from research resulting in a conclusion about the most effective and efficient way to reach your goals. On the court, you have individual designs that you come up with to improve your skillset combined with your team systems on offense and defense. Offensive and defensive strategies are critical in real estate investing and brokerage. Once you have a plan in place, you are frequently on the offense for good/great deals and are on the defense on protecting your investments. The constant shift between the two is what makes the industry challenging and exciting at the same time. 



Fundamentals – that dull word that most of us do not enjoy, but we know is critical. I have been lucky enough at every level to have incredible coaches. When I reflect on what made these individuals successful, one thing stands out. Fundamentals were not negotiable. They were part of the culture. In the Multifamily real estate industry, certain fundamentals make investors successful. There are certain fundamentals that bankers and lenders want in a deal to approve your agreement. Continually evaluating your investment fundamentals is an excellent habit to ensure you are progressing towards your goals. 



Specialization allows you to have clarity, become a master of your skill, and identify opportunities faster than your opponents. The more jumpers you shoot, the more data you have to evaluate what areas you have to improve. The number of deals you consider, the faster you can identify an opportunity or a potential issue. Repetition is your ally.


Episodic memory

Episodic memory is the ultimate cheat code on the court; it is one of the elements that made Kobe, Kobe Bryant. In the heat of the moment, you do not have the luxury of consulting with your teammates, coaches, or data; you have a split second to make a decision and execute. Efficient decision making is a result of having to be in that situation thousands of times. As a real estate advisor or investor, you need the same skill set. Luckily you benefit from making decisions in hours, not a split seconds. Having a team of lenders, attorneys, contractors, and qualified professionals adds to your journey of building up an episodic memory for brokerage or investing. 

Over the years, real estate has been a passion of mine; after reading countless books, evaluating hundreds of deals, investing in learning about the industry, boring my friends talking about real estate, I have decided to make a career out of my passion. Basketball brought many opportunities into my life, and I’m confident real estate will do the same.

Basketball Player to Multifamily Advisor