Broker Associate

If you’re ready to jump in the game as a broker, but new to commercial real estate, the Broker Associate position might be a fit for you. As Chicagoland’s leading mid-market multifamily brokerage firm, Kiser Group will help you build your own entrepreneurial business, develop and enhance your brokerage skills, and establish your customer base.

Kiser Group provides the most advanced and in-depth learning opportunities in real estate brokerage. To help you transition into brokerage, we developed our Mentorship Program in which you can choose one of our top senior brokers as a hands-on mentor. We’ll not only help you build your goals, we’ll help you exceed them.

Kiser Group’s proprietary 10-week training system helps new brokers learn the intricacies of the business and develop a comprehensive business plan.

In your first 10 weeks, you will learn to:

  • Analyze data
  • Underwrite (value) an apartment building
  • Shadow many different brokers in the field
  • Understand the structural, mechanical and architectural components of apartment buildings
  • Choose a market focus
  • Catalog a market and build a database
  • Generate leads
  • Position and present properties for sale
  • Assist clients on assessing investments
  • Negotiate contracts
  • Manage the escrow process
  • Establish your brand in the market
  • Utilize effective marketing techniques
  • Develop long-term client relationships
  • Develop your business plan utilizing Kiser Group’s proprietary business plan template


In addition, you will have access to:

  • Financial analysis and marketing workshops
  • Coached live calls
  • Chicagoland’s most prominent real estate events
  • Extensive training video library
  • Exclusive networking events


Kiser Group’s commitment to providing you the right support is unparalleled. Our in-house staff is an integral part of building your business:

  • Active Managing Broker: We believe in an open door policy to our principal. With a career transaction of over $3 billion, you will gain invaluable mentorship, advice, and hands-on support from Chicagoland’s leading apartment broker.
  • General Counsel: Reviews all listing agreements, sale contracts, escrows, license compliance, legal questions, legal strategy.
  • Director of Operations: Handles all aspects of the escrows, compliance, listings, database management and client follow-up.
  • Director of Marketing: Works with each individual broker to help market his/her business: aids in digital campaign management as well as planning, designing, distributing advertisements and promotion.
  • Director of Public Relations: Works with each broker to help him/her gain press recognition and speaking opportunities in prominent industry events.
  • Business Manager: Training, agent support, liaison to other staff and to Principals.


Our focus is to help you drive your business while saving you time and money. With access to the real estate industry’s most innovative marketing and technology, you will expand your business reach, hone your skills and do what you do best: close deals.

You will have access to

  • Cloud-based database technology tied to package production and website
  • Automated pipeline (leads, analyses, listings, escrows, closings) tracking systems
  • Proprietary Excel-based business planning methodology
  • Proprietary Excel-based underwriting template
  • Online package creation for analyses and offering memoranda
  • Subscriptions to multiple online research tools
  • Individualized marketing expertise and support
  • Public relations efforts to publicize each broker’s key transactions and market expertise
  • Expert social media assistance
  • E-mail response and diagnostic tracking reports for brokers
  • VOIP technology


Kiser Group’s compensation structure is for the brokers, built by the brokers. We have the most lucrative compensation structure in the industry including

  • Bonuses (in addition to split) based on production
  • Royalties paid from Kiser Group from mentoring other brokers
  • Path toward equity in Kiser Group
  • Profit sharing for qualifying brokers


  • IL Real Estate Broker License
  • Demonstrated interest or experience in commercial real estate
  • Bachelor’s Degree or higher