Nothing Can Be Said To Be Certain, Except Death And Capital Gains Taxes.

A couple weeks ago my colleague, John Meyer, wrote a blog about why selling is becoming increasingly tempting for long-term owners (click to read here if you missed it). This prompted an invitation from the Lakeview Developers Association asking for John and I to come expand on the idea. We spoke to a group of about 30 long-term owners in what ended up being a very lively forum. The biggest take away for me? Some of these owners would sell, if they didn't have to pay such a high capital gains tax. 

The 2015 Kiser Group Cook Off Winner Is…

Congratulations to Aidan Altman for winning the 2015 Kiser Group Cook Off with his friend chicken skewers. There was some fierce competition but you pulled it off!

RPBG September 2015 Market Update

After a tumultuous month in the markets, all eyes are now on the Fed and what they will, or will not, do at the next FOMC meeting scheduled for September 16-17. It's an interesting question, and one that has no obvious answer.

RPBG August 2015 Market Update

You would think that the trauma in Greece, collapse of the Chinese equities markets, and serious prospects of a rate increase from the Fed would be enough to throw a wrench into the US economy. But, apparently, you would be wrong. Despite all of these things, and any number of other global concerns, the US economy and domestic equities markets seem to be taking it all in stride…

July RPBG Meeting

Please join the RPBG for their next meeting on Tuesday, July 28th.

RPBG July 2015 Market Update

Things are suddenly looking a lot more interesting, and not necessarily in a good way. The long-simmering showdown between Greece and the Eurozone came to a head last week as negotiations between the two parties broke down and tensions rose to a breaking point. The Greek government essentially shut down the national banking system, freezing assets and only allowing small cash withdrawals. These measures were intended to prevent what had been shaping up as a Depression-style run on the banks as desperate Greeks tried to withdraw their euros before they got converted back into nearly worthless drachmas, a possibility that suddenly looked more likely than it had just a week or two ago….

Kiser Group Blog: The A, B, C’s of Chicago’s Suburban Multi-Family Market

It’s common knowledge that the volume of Class A luxury multi-family developments has dramatically increased over the past few years and not just in the city either. The Chicago suburban market has also seen a rise of large, luxury apartments but what effect does this have on Class B and C owners?