Four Reasons Why to Invest in Bronzeville Multifamily Right Now

By: Danny Logarakis   Bronzeville is a Chicago neighborhood spanning from 25th Street to 51st Street with Lake Michigan to its East and I-90 to its West.   1.  South Loop & McCormick Square Expansion As the South Loop and McCormick Square continue to experience a...

Budgeting: A Key to Success for a Starting CRE Broker

By Spencer Lieberson Whether it’s personal finances or time at work, brokerage requires you to have a high level of self-discipline. It’s a totally different culture from a typical “9 to 5” corporate position, and the payment cycle isn’t something you can easily...

Three Reasons Why Cap Rates Aren’t The Only Criteria That Matters

By: Victoria Michael   A cap rate, or net operating income divided by the sale price, is often perceived as the most important metric to investors when evaluating a property. The truth is that cap rates, especially in a marketing package, are often unreliable for...

Why a New Logo?

The short answer? We created a new logo to represent the new Kiser Group: a collaborative team that blends the traditional and the modern, merging classic practices with advanced real estate technology for in depth market knowledge – all to benefit our clients....

Suburban Chicago Multi-Family Class B C: A Hidden Gem for Investors

By all appearances the Chicago suburbs are struggling; large corporations have been reducing their exposure to suburban commercial real estate at an alarming pace for the last 5 years.  However, suburban apartments built in the 1960’s and 70’s continue to thrive because they serve a market with insatiable tenant demand.  As a guide, we broke downSuburban Chicago’s class B & C multi-family sales records of closed transactions in 2015 in various counties. 

Kiser Group Blog :: Top 5 Reasons Investors Are Buying Suburban Apartments

For those of us who habitually track the market,  it seems on a weekly and sometimes daily basis, Chicagoland apartment buildings are trading at jaw dropping prices.  Low cap rates, high multiples, and record breaking sale comps have been happening for years now and not just choice Chicago neighborhoods; this phenomena has extended to the suburbs as well.  The question is, why?

EUBA November Meeting

EUBA's November meeting is about microunits, SRO's, TOD — everything you ever wanted to know about zoning.

RPBG October 2015 Market Update

I had a 50/50 chance of being right last month when I predicted that the Fed would err on the side of caution at their September FOMC meeting and keep rates at current near-zero levels. I was right and, let me be the first to admit – it was pure dumb luck! They could just as easily have moved rates up a notch. Lots of people who know a heck of a lot more about all of this than I do believed very strongly that they would do just that. They were wrong this time – but they won't be wrong forever…

Nothing Can Be Said To Be Certain, Except Death And Capital Gains Taxes.

A couple weeks ago my colleague, John Meyer, wrote a blog about why selling is becoming increasingly tempting for long-term owners (click to read here if you missed it). This prompted an invitation from the Lakeview Developers Association asking for John and I to come expand on the idea. We spoke to a group of about 30 long-term owners in what ended up being a very lively forum. The biggest take away for me? Some of these owners would sell, if they didn't have to pay such a high capital gains tax.