You work hard but does your brokerage company match your efforts? Kiser Group is a partner that provides you with the platform and support you need so that you can focus on what you do best: closing deals.

We have the business, marketing and expertise, and we can help you grow by leveraging your time, utilizing real estate assistants to expand your business reach, honing your skills, and dominating your market.

Know that making a change has to be worth it. At Kiser Group you can further your brand, increase your bottom line, and sustain growth. 

Our brokers have access to all the resources to augment their success. In addition to the industry’s leading research and marketing tools, our in-house staff is an integral part to helping you build your business:

  • Principals: we believe in an open door policy for our principal. You will gain mentorship and support on deals.
  • General Counsel: helps with listing agreements, contracts, escrows, license, compliance, and legal questions.
  • Director of Operations: handles all aspects of the escrows, compliance, listings, database management, and client follow-up.
  • Marketing Director: works with each individual broker to help market his/her business: aids with planning, designing, distributing advertisements, and promotions.
  • Director of Public Relations: works with each broker to help him/her gain press recognition and speaking opportunities in prominent industry events.


Your Network is your Net Worth

We are in the business of relationship building, and we want to introduce you to our friends. As sponsors and members of several prominent industry events and groups, Kiser Group gives you access to various networking opportunities. You will also have the ability to be one of the speakers or panelists at these events.


Develop, practice and enhance your financial analysis, marketing, negotiating, leadership, presentation, and writing skills through

  • Financial analysis and marketing workshops
  • role play practice
  • coached live calls
  • client meetings
  • firm sales meetings
  • property tours
  • Chicagoland real estate events
  • pre-recorded training sessions archived in our video library
  • networking events
  • industry presentations



You will have access to

  • cloud-based, database technology
  • the latest online industry research tools
  • personalized marketing expertise and support
  • streamlined marketing and business systems
  • administrative support
  • VOIP technology



We have the most competitive compensation structure in the industry. We are proud of our collaborative and supportive culture and have modeled our compensation to provide brokers the opportunity to put more in their pockets. In addition to the most favorable splits in the industry, Kiser Group also offers bonuses and royalties.