Broker Associate

If you’re ready to jump in the game a broker, but new to commercial real estate, this position might be a fit for you. As a broker associate, you build your own entrepreneurial business, develop and enhance your brokerage skills, and establish your customer base, all with the one-on-one mentorship of a senior broker. Your compensation will be 100% commission, but you will not be left to sink or swim. We will help you write a business plan, teach you effective valuation and marketing techniques, and support your efforts to develop long-term client relationships.

As a broker associate, you learn to build a database, set business goals, generate leads, analyze data, value properties, position and present properties for sale, assist clients on assessing investments, negotiate contracts, manage the escrow process, collaborate with fellow brokers on deals, network, and establish your brand in the market.



You will have the opportunity to participate in

  • Financial analysis and marketing workshops
  • role play practice
  • coached live calls
  • client meetings
  • firm sales meetings
  • property tours
  • Chicagoland real estate events
  • pre-recorded training sessions
  • networking events
  • industry presentations



You will have access to

  • cloud-based, database technology
  • the latest online industry research tools
  • personalized marketing expertise and support
  • streamlined marketing and business systems
  • administrative support
  • VOIP technology



You will experience

  • one-on-one mentorship with a senior agent
  • guidance, support, and collaboration with senior brokers and broker associates
  • commission-based income